How to Prepare for UGC-NET?


How to Prepare for UGC-NET?

💬 “Hey there, folks! We’re back with another installment of our ‘How to Prepare for UGC-NET?’ series. Today, we’ve got Ghanishtha Verma, a fellow BBM Koylanchal University alum (Class of 2018-2020), who’s going to spill the beans on her journey from prepping to nailing the UGC-NET in 2022. So, let’s dive into what she’s got to say!” 😄📚


Consistency and Self-confidence is the Key!

The UGC-NET examination is something that most students, if not all, aim to qualify for if they have decided to pursue research. Qualifying in the NET examination was not originally on my list, but since it is a minimum requirement, I decided to take the exam. In my first two attempts, I did not prepare adequately and simply appeared for the exam, thinking, in complacency, that I was well-prepared. As a result, I failed both times.

In my third attempt, I made the decision to study diligently before appearing for the exam. During this attempt, I focused on covering the syllabus related to the Metaphysical Poetry in-depth, almost as if I were preparing to write subjective answers. However, despite my efforts, I still did not succeed.

In my fourth attempt in which I qualified I changed my strategy. I seriously started preparing for the exam. I stopped studying the texts in detail. This exam needs surface level understanding and you need to cover the syllabus as much as possible.


So, Here is the Strategy that I Followed:

    1. I religiously conformed to Routledge’s ‘History of English Literature.’
    2. Instead of attempting to read novels cover-to-cover, I opted for detailed summaries of major texts. For minor works, I only memorized the names of the works and characters (if possible), using resources like Gradesaver and Litcharts.
    3. I did not skip reading about the authors’ backgrounds, including their lives, careers, and educational backgrounds. I relied on Wikipedia for this information.
    4. I caution you against blindly following YouTube instructors and wasting your valuable time. I would recommend watching videos only when encountering topics that are particularly challenging. However, I emphasize that nothing can replace thorough reading and personal research.
    5. Regarding Literary Criticism and Theory, I didnt rely on a single book entirely because I had previously focused on this during my M.A. studies. I found my own notes to be sufficient. During my postgraduate studies, I used various sources, including research articles, Wikipedia, and books like those by Pramod K. Nayar and Peter Barry, for making notes.
    6. I stress the importance of not neglecting Paper 1. But do not get lost in a sea of books and YouTube videos. I think that KVS Madaan’s book is adequate for Paper 1 preparation.

Suggestions for the Big Day

The most important piece of advice here would be: don’t be in a hurry to leave the examination hall. Make full use of your time while in the examination hall. Your patience will surely pay off. In my first two attempts, and even in my third attempt to some extent, I found myself battling boredom and sleepiness during the exam. It’s a common challenge, but here’s the key: focus on the questions, no matter your level of preparation.

Fast forward to my successful attempt. This time, I entered the examination hall with a decent level of preparation. I started preparation with British Literature, but I could only complete up to the Romantic Age. However, I was able to prepare quite well for Literary Criticism and Theory. For Paper 1, I decided to skip Indian Logic and IT entirely. But here’s where I’d like to give you a strong piece of advice: don’t skip Teaching and Research Aptitude. It’s crucial.

During the exam, I tried to keep my concentration intact. I read each question seriously and thoroughly. And guess what? This approach paid off, and it can work for you too!


💬 “Well, that’s the inside scoop from Ghanishtha on how she conquered the UGC-NET! 🚀 Hope you’ve picked up some handy tips from this article. We’re all ears for your thoughts and ideas, so don’t be shy – drop your two cents in the comments down below! 🗨️ Get your prep on and stay groovy!”😄📚🎉


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